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Hotel Security Tips

E ver wonder about the security of the hotel safe in your room? The following link has several great tips, through the article and different “reply’s” about hotel safes up to and including where one can hide valuables around your hotel room. One fact of interest brought to our attention regarding hotel room safes is [...]

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ID Theft and Fraud

I n 2003 the State of California instituted three laws to help render protection from ID theft and fraud. However the most effective protection available is your awareness of the dangers of ID fraud and taking the sole responsibility to protect your identity. The following are answers to frequently asked questions as to how we [...]

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Luggage Tab Security Tip

S As we are now in the months of a traveling season it is still not too late to warn of yet another ID theft scam. The simple luggage tag is now a target for the thieves’ attention. Experts in ID theft warn if you use luggage tags, eliminate all unnecessary information. All that’s needed [...]

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